KiranS Abhishek Kumar Upadhyay Reviews on IPL 10th 2017 MatchPrediction.Today

Abhishek Kumar Upadhyay Review on IPL 10th 2017

Good morning everyone specially rajababu,baba,lara for their top predicting.i dnt know about evryone bcz i joined the live session before 13 matches.i think this site is made on the rules of mahatma gandhi????.and rajababu is the mahatma gandhi i think cz he dnt wanna see and abusive like talk over here….when i join this site till now i know only 3 great predictors will say about them one by one 1. Dear admin means rajababu—–> the real power n hero of this site. This man is good in predictinh things he always analysis the whole thing then write it and hopefully 80% predictions come thrue after the match . The main reason behind the making site no.1 is admin sir 2.baba—> I am totally speechless about this man bcz i dnt hv words to share about this man.the main goal of this man is to take profit from the organization for their followers. I remembered one day someone told him dnt believe on report bcz of you lots of people are in loss bla bla thing but still baba didn’t day any word still he is predicting for their followers thats why he is no 1 predictor of this site 3.lara—-> haha what i ll tell about him the bookie of toss????????.. I never see him to loss a toss. The man whi born to won the toss at any condition and any situation. He always give time for sessions not for himself but for their followers who want to make some profit from ipl In short this site is no 1 not bcz of their prediction bcz of their rules,behavior , natures and lots of thing

KiranS Review on IPL 10th 2017

Hi Admin sir, Firstly, Big Thanks to you for creating such a wonderful site with great Predictors opinions along with family like atmosphere… My suggestion is … Adding a Reputation points kind of thing to every Predictor will be excellent motivation to all … Reputation points shall be derived from up votes from which he gets..(like every 10/20 up votes =1 reputation point) By This, everyone​ can easily recognize / follow the best/ successful Predictors… At the same time, need to consider down votes also to reduce the Reputation points.. The reason is, Really Good predictors should deserve the respect…and vice versa too.. Here Good means, not only success rate, but also attitude n respect n Charishma… This one is my request/suggestion… Hope u will consider appropriately.. Once again, I Thank to you n to this site members fo giving an opportunity for being me as a member of this wonderful family… All the very best Admin ji…

Captain Cool Review on IPL 10th 2017

some appreciation for every predictors work.. as kisi b kalakar ko kalakari dikhane ka maza b tab hi aaega jb kala ki tareef ho.. taki wo agli baar aur mehnat kre

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